Wine & Whine – Episode 1

Wine & Whine - Episode 1
Wine & Whine is a new series where we take your questions and confessions, and discuss it on our channel over wine…and cheese…and/or chocolate. We’re your virtual best friends ready to dish out advice and share stories!

Send us your questions/comments/confessions over to or on Instagram DM @thereviewdiary

Wine & Whine – Episode 1

3 thoughts on “Wine & Whine – Episode 1”

  1. Always love watching your vids my fellow Ontarians (?)! Just a tiny little suggestion…Your intro music is WAYYYY too loud, I actually have to mute it until it's done! It's kind of like commercials, TV gets really loud at commercials, so you turn volume down, show comes on, you have to turn TV back up. Other than that, keep them coming!

  2. Nice choice of wine, for your first whine and wine episode. Sweet just like you girls. Life is always interesting, hope you girls get more life issues for your next episode.

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