Wine Red OC M.A.P. | Begginers Welcome | ((22/23)) OPEN

Wine Red OC M.A.P. | Begginers Welcome | ((22/23)) OPEN

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– I will check your channel before allowing you to join
– No specific color pallete but please make sure the colors aren’t too bright
– No Fandoms/Fandom OCs
– Please do not get mad if the part you want is already taken.
– There does not have to be that much animating

1st – ajleen ex ((NOT DONE))
2nd – Callie Whiterose ((NOT DONE))
3rd – OPEN
4th – OPEN
5th – OPEN
6th – OPEN
7th – OPEN
8th – OPEN
9th – OPEN
10th – OPEN
11th – OPEN
12th – OPEN
13th – OPEN
14th – OPEN
15th – OPEN
16th – OPEN
17th – OPEN
18th – OPEN
19th – OPEN
20th – OPEN
21st – OPEN
22nd – OPEN
23rd – OPEN

Woah Jordan, 2 maps at once???
I’m bored okay

Wine Red OC M.A.P. | Begginers Welcome | ((22/23)) OPEN

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