Wine Red [MAP part 8 for; Doodle Bob]

Wine Red [MAP part 8 for; Doodle Bob]
Okay I’ve been hella busy with school, so it hard to get this done, but I did it! I’ll upload part 17 tomorrow 😂
I know this looks REALLY bad I’m so sorry! It was kinda rushed, I hope it’s not so bad. I used Steve, Hero, and Diana, I haven’t done anything Lost Family related in a while so I though I’d give it a go. The story is being heavily edited as we speak! It’ll be better this time, promise.
MAP is closed!
Love y’all, now I gotta finish all my stupid homework. Ughhh I’m going to die in high school.
See ya peeps!❤️
Heyo! New to the channel? Here are a few things that you might wanna know about both me and my content ❤️
★What’s your favorite animal?
– Dogs! I got one.
★ What’s your favorite color?
-Blue, I mean you can look at my channel name…
★What’re your favorite shows?
-The Walking Dead, Red vs. Blue, & Camp Camp.
★What’s your favorite movie?
-Maze Runner: The Death Cure
★Social Media?
★What do you love to do?
-Chill with friends.
★Favorite books?
-The Maze Runner Series

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Wine Red [MAP part 8 for; Doodle Bob]

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