The Best Red Wines for Beginners (Series): #5 Syrah & Shiraz

The Best Red Wines for Beginners (Series): #5 Syrah & Shiraz
A wine that smells like a barnyard? This week’s episode, #5, we explore a grape that’s a bit of a mystery – Syrah… or is it Shiraz?

What are the best red wines for beginners to try? Certified wine pro Marc Supsic will give you some easy suggestions, background, wine tasting notes and wine pairing ideas for each in this series.

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Here are a few wine suggestions, as featured:

Small Gully “Mr. Black’s Little Black Book” Shiraz:


Cuilleron Syrah (Northern Rhone):

The Chook Shiraz/Viognier:

Layer Cake Shiraz:

Inkberry Shiraz Cabernet:

Xavier Girard Cote Rotie:

Xavier Gerard

Etienne Becheras St. Joseph:

Babylon’s Peak Shiraz-Carignan:

The Wine Bible, by Karen MacNeil:

The Wine Bible

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The Best Red Wines for Beginners (Series): #5 Syrah & Shiraz

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  1. Welcome back to the latest installment in my series!! Do you drink Syrah or Shiraz? Which do you prefer?

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