Non-Alcoholic Beverage & Dollies #2

Aaaaand another ramble-y ramble video because…… I have a lot on my mind and other than that, not a lot has been shaking around here.
But big news, I’ll be getting new dollies soon!!! Hoping to pay off my MNF Mirwen tomorrow, and Denver Doll Emporium has my MNF Mika, who they’ll be shipping soon. I’m soooooooooo freaking excited!
I’ve been working on my character’s backstories & designs recently, and I’ve been putting that information up on my new Tumblr blog and I would LOOOOOVE ♥ if you could ask me or my characters some questions!
I also have a separate Tumblr blog for my art. I’ve been doing a lot of art recently so I hope you check that out 😉 it’s

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Non-Alcoholic Beverage & Dollies #2