M&Ms Espresso Crunchy Review (America)

M&Ms Espresso Crunchy Review (America)
MJ and Claire munch through the final bag of vote-M&Ms for 2018, and have they saved the best (Espresso) for last (yeah tbf).
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M&Ms Espresso Crunchy Review (America)

7 thoughts on “M&Ms Espresso Crunchy Review (America)”

  1. Nah fair play Mars they know if they run a vote we'd just vote for Chocolate flavour anyway

  2. These are so simple yet so nice. Not even a need to make up fancy names like 'Crunchy' just brand them as Crispy. Couldn't watch your Raspberry review because of the video file format. Sort it out.

  3. I love how MJ uses "I won't make much money from it" as a way to convince people to buy the merchandise. Certainly a unique marketing strategy.

  4. Got all 3 flavours delivered in the mail today. Expecting rasberry to be my favourite actually, as I'm not a massive fan of coffee or mint with chocolate. Solid range though, as usual a much better offering than anything we'd get in the UK. True about the crispy spread, I'll never buy that crap. Chocolate coated coffee beans? Clear is mental.

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