Man armed with kitchen knives attacks police officers

Man armed with kitchen knives attacks police officers
Body camera footage shows man charging at officers.

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Man armed with kitchen knives attacks police officers

20 thoughts on “Man armed with kitchen knives attacks police officers”

  1. never seen more dumb cops than this.the uk gov have pussified em..( soo much fuckery begging the guy to put down knives) american cops woulda shot the fucker ir tazed him long time

  2. Thats when you need a fire hose call the fire department , funny as shit and humiliating as hell

  3. If someone would come at me with knifes like that I would shoot him till he would no longer be a life threat. Where I'm from law allows that.

  4. What would they have done if he broke down the door to any one of those apartments and started slicing people up inside?! I’ll keep my guns and my American cops.

  5. Professional Police, the man is alive, no need to go in guns blazing, America this is how it is done! Take note.

  6. A month later this guy was released after psychiatric care I'm sure.
    Be in and out of the system costing taxpayers a fortune over his lifetime. Best just to put a Mad Dog down.

  7. And in America a butter knife will get ya killed. Sometimes that's a good thing. Natural selection.

  8. Great idea taking cops guns away. See this shithead stabbing away at the cop? Cop is lucky the asshole wasn't a Muslim who knows how to use knives, no doubt of the intent right here. He could have pretty easily opened the carotid arteries and he'd be pumping all over the place, massive mess.

  9. Look at that! They may have to pass laws on Assault Knives. This is unacceptable! why can't those cops have tased his foot or pepper sprayed his hands! Out of curiosity why were no female cops doing this? that is discrimination!!

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