Hella Yummy 5 Ingredient Vegan Recipes | that are actually filling!

Hella Yummy 5 Ingredient Vegan Recipes | that are actually filling!
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Products I used in my 5 Ingredient Vegan recipes:
• Arrowhead Mills, Organic Chickpeas
• Better Than Bouillon, Organic, Vegetable Base
• Bob’s Red Mill, Organic, Medium Grain Brown Rice
• Coconut Secret, Teriyaki Sauce, Coconut Aminos
• Eden Foods, Organic, Tamari Soy Sauce
• McCormick Gourmet, Organic, Ground Cumin
• Now Foods, Real Food, Organic Maple Syrup
• Thrive, Culinary Algae Oil
• Tiger Tiger, Simmer Sauce, Indonesian Satay
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Hella Yummy 5 Ingredient Vegan Recipes | that are actually filling!

15 thoughts on “Hella Yummy 5 Ingredient Vegan Recipes | that are actually filling!”

  1. New subscriber here all the way from Canada.. You inspire me so much! Funny how I have all the ingredients for the teryaki recipe (except the sauce) just laying there in my pantry and fridge! Definitely trying this! Keep up the good work!
    ps: just finished eating your sweet potatoe and lentil chilli recipe and it's sooo delicious 🙂 As a new vegan I never thought I would one day eat sweet potatoe another way than baked or boiled loool 🙂

  2. I love this video!! We're in a little bit of a meal rut right now, and this totally inspired me for next week's menu!!

  3. I'm not the biggest tofu fan, but I definitely want to try the 3rd recipe! Also, I love that you are doing recipes with little to no oil!

  4. I love your book. I have already the coconut corn chowder, skillet cornbread and the happy hearts crab cakes they all were delicious. I plan on making trying the jackfruit jambalaya and the sorghum cornmeal waffles next but the stuff sweet potatoes will definitely try the stuffed sweet potatoes

  5. Thank you for your daily videos!
    It will be for hints of life etc!
    Cooking especially refers to it!
    I am looking forward to a wedding ceremony and I look forward to it!

  6. Trying to purchase your 5 ingredients cookbook is there another way to purchase your book without PayPal

  7. I'm actually eating the cauliflower and chickpea with the simmer sauce as an appetizer while the sweet potatoes are cooking it is so good!!!

  8. I’m going to try the stuffed sweet potatoes. I’m loving your recipes and your cookbook is life. I’ve already made the collard greens and they were delish!

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