Grocery Haul! Are We Going Gluten Free?!

Grocery Haul! Are We Going Gluten Free?!
The next 40 days will involve quite the change in what we eat. We’re giving up gluten for Lent and we’re hoping to get some answers about whether this will help Sherri with her skin condition.

We’ve never gone gluten-free and we’ve been overwhelmed with just how many products contain gluten, So, today we’re sharing our very first Gluten Free Grocery Haul with you!

Do you have Celiac Disease? Do you eat gluten free? Let us know what your favorite tips, products, and recipes are in the comments below. We need all of the help we can get!

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Grocery Haul! Are We Going Gluten Free?!

11 thoughts on “Grocery Haul! Are We Going Gluten Free?!”

  1. Oh also, if you go to the grocery store (in the frozen veggie section) you can find some lentil pasta (it's by Bird's Eye)! It's super tasty ..and it's in a steamer bag and I'm pretty sure it's gluten free! I replaced pasta with that and it's pretty fantastic!

  2. Mmm that poppyseed dressing is soo good! You'll love it! Proud of you guys!! WOOT! Ask Hailey! She has Celiac Disease! She'll prob have a ton of tasty recipes – I know she made some macaroni and cheese one day ..and I was like "say whaaaaaa" ..yes, it was that good looking that I left the "t" out LOL!

  3. Oh going gluten free is tough!! I had a friend in my last job who was celiac and she used to cook a lot of Chinese as there were good recipes for that. My bestie suffers from bad skin and she has gone dairy free and its helped it hugely! Has Sherri tried dairy free? Not sure if I'm giving up anything for lent this year, I am already on Weight Watchers so cut a ton out of my diet anyway!!

  4. Trust us we know about the healthy eating and the struggle. We are going vegetarian to help kick off our second month of eating healthy. If you ever need any support let us know. Cause that helped us immensely. Having people to talk to.

  5. This grocery haul makes going gluten free seem not so scary. I’m anxious to see how much this change makes a difference in Sherri’s skin. And adding the exercise will indeed make a lifestyle difference. From the comments and the video, it seems clear to me you’ll both make it the 40 days. I’m predicting a voluntary extension.

  6. Oh my gosh guys good luck! Gluten seems like a very hard thing to give up. But 40 days is a great amount of time to fall into a new dietary lifestyle

  7. This is such a great idea for Lent. I wish you both the best of luck with giving up Gluten, hopefully it helps out with the sin condition. Yummmm to all the fruit, looks amazing!!!!

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