Farmhouse Decor | Dining Table Decor

Farmhouse Decor | Dining Table Decor
From sapling to heirloom, every piece has a story. Today’s story is about a piece meant to have family and friends gathered around sharing in memories. It is a cobalt blue bowl that can be at the center of any gathering or just sharing some fruit and conversation in the evening with the family. Below you will find links to purchasing the bowl as well as affiliate links to any tools used in the making of the bowl.

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Intro Music Credit to Joel Miller & Melinda Klawonn

Video Music Credit to:

Picture Credit to: David Greedy Photography,

Table setting credit to: Harrison at Luxe Interiors,

Carving tool, Holey Galahad, Course & Medium:

Finishing Products:

If you would like to know about any of the other tools or resources used during the video, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Farmhouse Decor | Dining Table Decor

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