Cooking Yucca -From Field to Fire- Desert Survival

Cooking Yucca -From Field to Fire- Desert Survival
How to Forage and Cook one of the most useful plant in Desert Survival!

The yucca is one of the South’s best kept secrets. This plant can be utilized for cordage, soap, fish poison, and a variety of food stuffs as the plant’s flowers progress to seed. This video chronicles the first stage of yucca harvest, the fresh flower blossoms and stalk.


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Cooking Yucca -From Field to Fire- Desert Survival

13 thoughts on “Cooking Yucca -From Field to Fire- Desert Survival”

  1. I used to have so many yucca on my acreage–so upset I didn't know to do this with the flowers and stalks!

  2. Hey Bob, nice video. Would Yucca grow in the tropics like here in the Philippines?

  3. Huck is a great straight man, glad to see he finally ate something you cooked 🙂 Sorry about life for you lately Bob, but congrats on breaking 100,000 subs!

  4. So good to see U out there & doing some awesome stuff. That Damn sword of a knife has to b razor sharp…cutting tree limbs as big as my arm! This looks like one heck of a meal. Wooded beardsman will definitely b amazed with Texas…he's an awesome outdoorsman himself. As always praying for U & family…keep up the awesome videos. Love these videos & Ur amazing…God bless!

  5. Great video man. I've been waiting for them to bloom around here but no luck yet. Been wanting to try them.

  6. Huck is so smart just like his owner. i love ur channel thank you for teaching us. I wish my daughter would find a man like u she's not even looking ugh. lol

  7. My condolences on your grandmother.
    I look forward to the bearded one to come and spend time with you, whatever Huck won't eat I am sure he will LOL.
    Huck is a great dog, he reminds me of my old redbone coonhound I had.
    Take care

  8. Truly sorry for the loss of your grandmother. This video has a ton of valuable content. I especially enjoyed the cast iron skillet hacks. Your videos rival any on cable tv. Kudos to the Hanslers! Have you ever thought of having giveaway drawings on Patreon for some of your handmade props, like the spatula and tongs?

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