Broke College Recipes – Easy Breakfast For A Week

This week we try a breakfast recipe, one that you can make in one night, and eat for the whole week.


1) Cook bacon and hash browns on stove or griddle
(cook hash browns in bacon grease)

2) Crack eggs into muffin pan and mix until scrambled

3) Add bacon hash browns and cheese then mix together

4) Bake in oven at 375 degrees for 14 minutes
Broke College Recipes - Easy Breakfast For A Week

20 thoughts on “Broke College Recipes – Easy Breakfast For A Week”

  1. I like the biscuit idea someone added below. I would then make those into breakfast sandwiches and all you have to do is warm them up a few seconds in the microwave. Burritos are easy to pre-make and freeze too.

  2. You should probably use cheap ingredients if you're channel is for broke college students. Like $.6/lb of potatoes, make them into hash browns yourself and get a lot more out of your money. Add peppers instead of the bacon and just get a block of cheese. You're just gonna melt the cheese inside it, doesnt matter if its shredded. Having a big, gooey inside would probably be more satisfying anyway

  3. Who cooks their one night stand breakfast? Get outta my room before my housemates wake up! Knees to chest, i wanna see some hustle!

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