Best Way To Store Your Kitchen Knives For $10

Best Way To Store Your Kitchen Knives For
This is the best knife storage solution I have. This is how I store all of my personal and test knives, and best off all, it only costs .

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Best Way To Store Your Kitchen Knives For

14 thoughts on “Best Way To Store Your Kitchen Knives For $10”

  1. I think you should rename "Dragontooth II" to "Dragonfang" 😀 Love the video. Great, cheap, and effective solution! Oh, and that's a citrus zester. Harvests zest from citrus without removing the bitter pith.

  2. lol 800 sq.ft isn`t a "tiny home", a tiny home is something like a single room apartment, 100 sq.ft..

  3. Great Channel, I love all your videos. When are you going to show how to sharpen a serrated bread knife and also are you going to be covering sharpening a Ceramic Knife ?.

  4. Do you have any tips for sharpening really small knives. I am having trouble holding a consistent angle on a knife with a 1-1/4 long blade folding knife. I am getting reasonably good with larger knives.

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