16 thoughts on “ASMR ~ Whispered Reading of Recipes (w/Pointer)”

  1. I absolutely love your whispered recipe videos! They are my favourites <3 and LOL I was laughing so bad with the squirrels and racoons oh my goodness…

  2. 1967… For a minute I was like, oh that's not that old, that's only about 30 years… Then I remembered the last 20 years happened…

  3. Would love to see a dining etiquette video. I've seen a few non ASMR ones and every time I wish there'd be an ASMR version.

  4. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I have just been triggered and so have you ❤️

  5. It is always a personal struggle for me when you post these types of videos. Too often I end up on eBay looking for old recipe books like yours!! Lol. Fantastic as usual!

  6. I'm so glad you're back after a quite short break (I thought it'd take you longer), so that now instead of writing my thesis, I'm here melting to the sound of your voice. Soooo relaxing! Thank you very much!!

  7. Nice books !!! They are truly relics !! Thank you for one more fantastic video

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