8 Simple Microwave Recipes For Gamers

Yes, it’s true, gaming is addicting, the quality of video games has gotten so incredibly out of control that often times it feels like life just doesn’t cut it anymore. But you still have to eat! Come on folks, let’s not forget some delicious treats even if they are simple and quick to make like these recipes. No measurements needed, just a few minutes while the next level loads

8 simple microwave recipes for gamers

00:50 – Level 1 – Pretzel Nachos
01:38 – Level 2 – Banana Bread Oatmeal
03:05 – Level 3 – Cinnamon Toast Crunch Popcorn
04:24 – Level 4 – Spaghettio Biscuits
05:34 – Level 5 – Steak Egg and Cheese
07:15 – Level 6 – Buffalo Chicken Noodle Soup
08:22 – Level 7 – Beef Broth Ramen Noodles
09:45 – Level 8 – Tres Leches Twinkie Cake

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8 Simple Microwave Recipes For Gamers

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  1. Hello from Thailand! I just subscribed you guy like 2 day ago and wowwwww everything you guy make look fantastic. Since i'm not a cooker, your channel makes me wanna try to cook more. It look pretty easy!!! Good work. :)

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