10 thoughts on “5 Fiery Jalapeño Recipes”

  1. You'll want to wear gloves when working with jalapenos. Your significant other will appreciate it, too. Tasty stuff!

  2. HII! there's another recipe that my mom makes n these are the ingredients
    1. Jalapeño (cut in half, take out seeds)
    2. cook jalapeños
    3. cook bacon (crush up when finish) (bacon bits sprinkle on)
    4. cream cheese (filling)

  3. As for the poppers at the end, I'm not a cream cheese fan in the poppers, I use whatever cheese cheese I have and mix it with a little bit of sausage then stuff the peppers, then wrap bacon around the jalapeno and bake for about 30 minutes, but I did like the other 4 recepies

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