3 INGREDIENT VEGAN DESSERTS | Easy & Quick Recipes You Have to Try!

3 INGREDIENT VEGAN DESSERTS | Easy & Quick Recipes You Have to Try!

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Valentine’s Date Balls //

1 cup medjool dates
2 tbsp cacao + extra for toppings
1/4 cup nuts (I split in half and used 1/8 cup dessicated coconut and 1/8 cup finely chopped walnuts, but use what you have/like) + extra for toppings

Raw Passion Brownies //

1 1/2 cup almonds
2 cups medjool/halawi dates (I got some halawi dates in Tesco and they were soooooo much cheaper but very sweet and soft like medjools)
4 tbsp cacao powder

Lover’s Lemon Mousse //

Zest of a lemon and juice of half of a lemon
1 tin of coconut milk (just use the coconut meat and not the water)
2 tbsp icing sugar

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3 INGREDIENT VEGAN DESSERTS | Easy & Quick Recipes You Have to Try!

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  1. Seem familiar? I had to take this video down last week due to a copyright issue with the music. But it is up again now so those of you asking for the recipe and where this video went here it is! A second video that also had to be removed will be up later today 🙂

  2. U2 are so ooo much 'happy living' that U can turn construction noise into content.
    i'm going to try all 3 & test them on my non-vegan walking group.

  3. I'm not even vegan and i don't have the time to make these recipes but i watch your videos anyway because they're just kinda mesmerising!

  4. We enjoyed your video everything looks delicious but this video looks familiar

  5. These look wonderful! I love healthy vegan chocolate desserts ah, I'm not the biggest fan of lemon though and was wondering if you have tried making the moose with cacao and maybe orange zest and if that would work too? They look super delicious!!

  6. Yum..those truffles look divine..and that coconut lemon dessert, too. All so ez.. Thanks much

  7. I'd love to make some of these, but I really really hate cacao powder. Am I able to use cocoa powder instead, or does that kind of defeat the point of them being healthy/vegan? I've no idea!

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